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more wall gardens

December 15, 2008

zora naki

green wall

from design sponge – I like how the greenery contrasts against the building and also how (eventually) the two sets of plants will meet in the middle.


from osaka japan (courtesy of a poster on design sponge)

flip a strip

Flip-A-Strip design winner for “Urban Battery” – power station, vertical greenhouse and billboard rolled into one. The contest was held by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

green wall

Your misters are showing!  Harmonia 57 office building by Triptyque as covered by de zeen in an extensive article.


Dwell post on the garden walls of Oulu, a Brooklyn restaurant.

growing a green wall

June 30, 2008

zora naki

Green walls are glorious. Take the technology for green roofs and put it somewhere everyone can enjoy it. Regardless of any environmental benefits that may result, just think about how great it would be to coat your entire house with succulents!

The designer that everyone seems to watch is Patrick Blanc – read an interview with him here. He does these fabulous wall sculptures with plants. A steel frame is mounted onto the face of the building (leaving a gap between the frame and the wall), PVC sheets are attached and then felt is used as a rooting medium for the plants. His soiless system uses hydroponics (water with nutrients) to irrigate and sustain plant life.

Most green walls use some type of grid planter system using a frame, cells and irrigation channels. If soil is used as a potting medium, the cells are generally 2 – 4 inches deep and a lightweight moisture-retaining mixture is used. The home gardener can order cells that are slanted, to help keep the potting mixture in the wall.

There are lots of great examples of commercial applications – particularly in Asia and Europe, where green walls are used for company logos. With careful plant selection and planning, the walls can thrive most places – indoor and out.

It doesn’t have to be a full wall either – some designs use green panels like architectural punctuation. Here’s a recent article in Met Home about a garden wall installation.

Interior installations look like art. I wonder if it would give your living room that steamy conservatory smell?

People who sell supplies and install green walls:

G-Sky (Canada)
Alive Structures
Elt Living Walls (USA)
A Green Roof (USA)
Green Roof Plants (USA)
Green Wall Australia (Australia)
Green Fortune (Sweden)
Indoor Landscaping (Germany)

here is another post on more wall gardens.

And finally, yesterday’s (horizontally grown) harvest:

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