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good bye summer

September 15, 2011

zora naki

hello rain.

september in vancouver means precipitation – and we’re back to digging out rainboots and jackets, just in time for school to start.

gardening pursuits in sad disarray after a very disorganized summer. bumper crop of raspberries (thousands, literally more than i could keep up with) and blackberries too. but the rest was sinfully neglected as i hunched over my keyboard and wrote about things that had nothing to do with gardening (bruce lee and the russian mafia and creative ways to incorporate pickling into a martial arts movie).

it’s been crazy for me personally and professionally over the last year (and hence the blogging neglect), but i’m back, for better or for sporadic worse.

my garden is neglected, my front yard is a dirt wasteland that the neighborhood boys (including my own) congregate on daily. and yet – is this not what the goal of a yard or garden IS really? a place where people gather and play and enjoy the space. i don’t mind the dirt fights so much – but what do the neighbours think?

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