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this is the outside now

April 22, 2010

zora naki

Okay, so i’ve been on hiatus for awhile now, what with the moving back in and getting settled and life in general, but i have some new photos.

The outside of our house (pre-reno):

The outside (post-reno, pre-paint, not a real door)

The outside (post-paint, and with 30 cubic yards of soil dumped on the front lawn):

We decided to level the front yard to match the height of the yard next door. The kids had a blast body-surfing down the giant pile of dirt – it was the ‘most fun EVER’, according to daughter. They begged me not to spread it out, but alas, i am hard-hearted, and also wanting to do some landscaping.

Thus, after five days of a LOT of shoveling (and some help from quite possibly the nicest neighbours in the history of neighbourhoods anywhere):

Now onto some planting! (picture me gleefully rubbing my hands together…)

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