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design inspiration: round pendant lighting

September 21, 2009

zora naki

i like the circle, i can’t help it. And yet, it’s taken a long and hard search to find what i like – you’d think it would be easy to find a pendant light that is a circle. but no. here are the results of my search thus far.

love these three pendants from niche modern – way out of my budget, but how beautiful and organic.

solitaire ($450 US each). 10″ diameter – love how they’ve used the edison lightbulb to good effect inside.

design inspiration round lighting

stamen ($995 US each). 12″ diameter

design inspiration lighting

binary crystal ($450 US each). 10″ diameter

design inspiration: round light

the next pendants are alison berger – handblown glass pendants and  perfectly lovely in their simplicity. not EXACTLY entirely round, but i’m sure she would make them that way if you asked nicely. listed in  plug lighting through holly hunt, which means that they are so expensive, the price isn’t listed anywhere. Oh – and you can only order them through designers, natch.

design inspiration: round light

found these at lightform – by vistosi. $580 Canadian each. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but there is a smaller glass ball inside of the larger one. The spec sheet indicates that the diameter is “16” but not whether this is cm or inches. Based on the plates below, i’m guessing inches.

design inspiration: round pendant lighting

i’ve already written about my love for omer arbel’s bocci 14 light. It’s small and beautiful. $298 US each. 4″ diameter. I think they look best in random clusters – not sure how much light would be cast over a counter by two or three (10w 12V xenon or halogen light bulb).

design inspiration: round pendant lighting

my real life solutions?

These simple glass pendants from west elm – $229 US for a set of two, each measures 11″ in diameter. i tried to convince my mother to bring some back for me in her luggage during a recent trip to toronto, but she wouldn’t do inspiration: round light

i’m thinking that an edison lightbulb (or here) would look really neat inside.




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  1. September 21, 2009

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for linking to me.

  2. September 21, 2009

    Shopping for lighting is a bitch isn’t it? although it is not just lights but any fixtures are ridiculously expensive.

  3. sweetcomice #
    October 4, 2009

    I like your choice……the photo doesn’t really do it justice because of the white wall behind….but as you said, with an interesting bulb inside, these could be stunning……

    So, once you get squared away inside, got some inspiration for next years garden? I always spend a quiet day in the fall thinking about what worked this year and why, what I was disappointed with this summer, what took way too much work, what varieties of stuff I want to repeat next year. We tilled in part of the garden today….and realized we still have lots of good beets and more potatoes. I am just glad to be done with green beans and tomatoes. I love them, but this year was beyond a bounty.
    Thanks for having such interesting things to look at.

  4. October 5, 2009

    Solitaire Pendant looks really cool.Even the binary crystal is good.

  5. May 31, 2010

    I like the simplicity of the design

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