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we have (some) windows!

August 28, 2009

zora naki

we have (some) windows

windows! delivered as promised today. glory be. the window people installed the six big ones (4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 stairwell).

we have (some) windows

if you’re interested in energy ratings, etc. the U-factor is 0.28 (U.S.)/1.60 (Metric/Sl), the SHGC is 0.29 and the Visible Transmittance is 0.49. in accordance with the latest by-laws and energy star ratings, they are all low-e, argon double-panes.

we have (some) windows
we have (some) windows
we have (some) windows
we have (some) windows

the stairwell window is massive. i love it. the middle pane is operable – it will tilt inwards (at the top) to allow for airflow.

we have (some) windows

also – we have the makings of a back porch. We had to bump up the portion over the basement stairs because they don’t really like it when you carve out a support beam to allow for head clearance (as in the previous incarnation). I’m thinking we should do a built-in bench seat with a lift-up lid to hold the recycling.

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