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we have soffitts

August 27, 2009

zora naki

we have soffitts
we have soffitts! fir soffitts i am rather fond of, combining the old (original depth of 9″) and the new (the circle thing we have going on) and treated with penofin marine. i am told that the oil is preferable because it penetrates the wood and needs a new coat reapplied every 5 years BUT unlike polyurethane, doesn’t peel and look nasty and need to be sanded in between.

we have soffitts

The front of the house as of today. The grey on the chimney is the colour we’re going with for the stucco (you wouldn’t believe the agonies i experienced trying to decide on this). The little octagon window to the left has been replaced by a circle window.  Remember before? Let me refresh you…

house before

i held off on ordering the circle window because our main window manufacturer doesn’t make circles smaller than 42″ in diameter. then i thought i’d left it too late to have the window ready for when everything else was going to be installed (2 weeks ago) and i started panicking and calling around and was referred to surrey new & used by a very nice window lady (i think it was debbie @ vinyltek) and found a brand-new 30″ window for $250. so, yay for procrastination! it saved me $400.

the giant window on the east side has been prepped for installation – we’ve been promised that delivery and installation will take place tomorrow. i guess we’ll see…

we have soffitts

and from the back. more window holes, waiting for frames and glass.

we have soffitts



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  1. Tara #
    August 28, 2009

    thank you for sharing all this! I’ve been very interested in the progress on your house, and am excited to see the end result. 🙂

  2. August 29, 2009

    Sometimes procrastination is a great thing! Some things go on sale or new ones are available at cheaper prices 🙂 And saving money is the best especially when you have a large project like this where every penny saved could add up into huge savings! Good luck on everything :-))

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