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the sun tunnel

July 12, 2009

zora naki

sun tunnel installed in roof

we decided to add a sun tunnel as the roof was being framed. it’s basically a round skylight that sits on the roof and funnels light down through a highly reflective tunnel. i wanted to have one in the basement office because we’ve lost three windows downstairs, leaving it rather gloomy. trooped off to home depot, only to find that the Velux Sun Tunnel (10″ diameter) will only reach about 14′ (manufacturer’s recommended distance). The 14″ version is rated up to 18′, but that still wasn’t going to make it from the roof to the basement.

found another brand (gordon) – also through home depot – that is certified up to 24′ (for the 14″ tube), so it’s up on the roof. if you’re considering doing something similar, be warned that the cost more than doubles when you add in all of the extension tubes to reach 18′ or so. it’s also not exactly unnoticeable from the sidewalk, because the dome sticks up like a mushroom.

the roof has plywood on it now, and the roofer is working away on the shingles. before we started.

back of house, before

and this afternoon.

back of house july 12

and the front/side view 12 days ago:

june 29, 2009

and now:

july 12

the plan is to try and install a small green roof over the front entrance (on the flat portion of the roof). i’ve been keen on the idea for awhile, and this seems the best way to ease into it. i’ll do something low profile – probably sedums or something similar – and open up the office window above to water it as it is getting established.

the city did their portion of the water/sewer excavation this week.


the first pocket door is in!

pocket door #1 is in

record-breaking harvest on the raspberries so far.

july raspberries

and the first sungold tomatoes are ripe. best tomatoes. ever.

sungold tomatoes



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  1. July 14, 2009

    Hey, I drove past the other day – it does look great! It blends in with the trees well and looks like it has always been there. excited to see the finished product.

  2. July 15, 2009

    🙂 come for a tour the next time you’re around!

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