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the art of compromise

July 8, 2009

zora naki

we’re a month into the reno now (not counting the 10 months it took to get to the actual building), and i’m getting better at compromise. For example, i would love to have a set of stairs like this:


due to budget constraints, i think we’re going to go for interim stairs – plywood covered with some kind of sisal-type runner. we can always wood them up later.

i love the look of drop-in tubs like duravit’s happy D.

duravit happy d

or a stand-alone like duravit’s 2nd floor.


but aside from issues of cost and space, i’m told that this is NOT very practical if you ever want to shower in your tub. plus, i have some very splash-y bathers in the family (think tidal wave). so i’m looking for a 6′, double-flange, left-hand drain tub with a plywood side that can be tiled. must be stylish. and affordable. if you have any suggestions, let me know.

on other fronts, the city crew arrived a week ahead of schedule to replace the water and sewer connections. which is great and all, but we’re not quite ready for them. the old toilet is sitting on the front lawn.

city crew shows up early

my office now has the beginnings of the wall (on the left below) that will separate it from the stairwell. i think i’ll do a low bookcase along there and then a plywood desk wrapping around the other two sides.

office july 8

the trusses seem to be mostly done (to my inexpert eyes) and the roofer is waiting for a break in the rain to get going. i was hoping to keep the existing roof over the living room and just shingle the addition to match, because our roof is only 3 years old. well, the roofing industry has stopped making asphalt T-lock shingles in the interim, so we’re replacing the whole darn thing. apparently someone from new york bought the last few bundles of black shingles in the city last week (even though the shipping was significantly more than the price of the shingles).

trusses july 8

the walls between rooms are going up, and the plumber is threading pipe.

july 8 walls

i’ve ordered windows. i knew the stairwell window was big on paper (5’10” x 10′), but it really is BIG, if you know what i mean. it stretches from the second-floor landing all the way up. i’m going to wait and see how visible we are before covering it. i think it would be funny to just have a view of the stairs from outside the house.

stairwell july 8


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