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walls are going up

July 2, 2009

zora naki

walls are being framed! you can see the size of the windows that will stretch across the back of the second floor (10’3″ each, to be exact. why 10’3″? i have no idea).

second floor walls

from the front, the same windows, facing south. i think i’ve found the window supplier i want (contingent on pricing of course) – innotech is higher-end vinyl, featuring ’tilt-and-turn’ style windows with wider frames (3″ fixed, 4″+ operable). they offer operable windows of up to 36 sq ft, which is pretty huge. i found them by driving past a neat-looking modern house, noticing their windows (because i am obsessing about windows right now), jumping out of the car, scaring the heck out of the homeowner, who was peacefully gardening, and prying the info out of her.

my poor house

this picture is from a few days ago, and almost all of the stucco has been stripped now. the roof trusses are being delivered tomorrow! the excitement never stops…

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