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canuck design: bocci

June 21, 2009

zora naki

i’ve been looking for some round pendant lights that are modern and interesting, and bocci (based in vancouver) has a great design by omer arbel.


Cast glass with a frosted central cylinder to house the lightbulb. I love the shape and the look – just not sure that it would provide enough light in a traditional configuration (2 or 3 hanging in a row over a kitchen counter) – they seem to be designed to be clustered.


Not in my price range – but love the image.

omer arbel has been making waves since he started with chairs, but fans of modern design will perhaps most appreciate the 22 design for outlets.


so beautiful.

on the less glamorous side of things, the reno has moved downstairs to footings.

prep for footings

shear wall prep for the stairwell.

shear wall footings for staircase

sadly,we’re also losing three windows at the basement level – one to by-law restrictions, one to the new stairwell, and one for safety (picture a giant window well smack dab in the middle of where the kids play hockey/bike/throw balls). at least that’s three less windows i have to replace…

window going



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  1. June 23, 2009

    Would it be possible to use an acrylic glass block for a window? They aren’t the prettiest, but they would at least provide light and would also be able to handle a direct hit by a hockey puck.

  2. June 23, 2009

    Thanks for the idea – i will ask the contractor…

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