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demolition day 3

June 13, 2009

zora naki

i was thinking about subtitling this post ‘mishaps and misdemeanors’, as i have encountered both. the demo continues apace, i managed to scrunch my car on friday (distracted by reno thoughts – but thankfully no one was hurt), AND the contractor turned off the power to my freezer at some point, unbeknownst to me, which led to a horrific hour this afternoon. imagine the stench of defrosted fish that has ripened over three days of very warm June weather, in combination with thawed raspberries/strawberries from last summer’s harvest. now combine that in two inches of liquid sitting in the bottom of your freezer, and enjoy the clean out! yuck.

thinking positive thoughts. we got through the dvd of godfather 2 tonight (mr. naki didn’t fall asleep this time), we finally have our stuff out of the old house (save for a trip to the dump), AND i skipped a belt at my karate grading (i’m up to green now – yay!), so while i am not deadly, i am at least partially lethal.

photos. master bedroom before.

master bedroom before

master bedroom after day three:
master bedroom after day 3

kids’ bedroom before:

kids' bedroom before

kids’ bedroom after day three:
kids' bedroom after day three

this was the view down the hallway after day two:

hallway towards living room, end of day 2
and this was after day three:
view down hallway after day three

looking at the north wall of the living room after day two:

end of day 2

and after day three:
north wall of living room after day three

a new beam was installed that spans the living room entrance wall (please do not attach any significance to the numbers on the beam) – it will help to support the new second floor. This necessitated two holes cut into the roof.

hole in roof

I harvested a bumper crop of strawberries from my strawberry bed today – 250! i think we’re on track to beat last year’s harvest. i have noticed that some plants habitually produce deformed (although still tasty) strawberries. Should i cull these or not?

bumper crop of strawberries

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  1. ourfriendben #
    June 14, 2009

    Shriek!!! You’ve really been going through it, Zora! The only time I ever crunched my car was when I was (stupidly) trying to go to work the day after I’d moved here to hawk’s haven and spent endless hours unpacking. I can relate! And the horrific freezer incident doesn’t even bear thinking about. Ugh!!! Your strawberries look amazing. But yes, I’d pull the plants that consistently produce deformed strawberries and replace them with runners from healthy plants. Meanwhile, good luck with the rest of the transformation!

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