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demolition day 2

June 11, 2009

zora naki

demo continues! i headed to the house to chat with the contractor and the framer this morning. We’ve made a few adjustments to the plans already. The door to the master bedroom has been changed to a pocket door, just like the other bedrooms. The long window spans have been shortened from 8′ 3″ to 7’11”, to get around the need for additional structural support and to keep the corner profiles as slim as possible. [construction aside: We have multiple sets of corner windows. Currently, the distance from the outside corner of the building to beginning of each window is about 3 1/2″. New structural requirements will increase this to 5 1/2″, but this is still 3″ less than if the windows were 8′ or longer. why didn’t my architect think about things like this?]

I’m thinking about windows now. How to keep them modern, in both style and framing? I’ve gotten quotes for both vinyl and aluminum windows so far. The architectural aluminum windows (starline 5000T) I was quoted on were $15K more than comparable vinyl. I’m also thinking about moldings around the windows. I like the cleanlined look of each window set into a drywalled box, but i’ve been told that the drywall doesn’t stand up to daily wear and tear.

the plan is to have the kitchen and the dining room separated by a counter, so the north wall of the dining room had to go. here is what it looked like before:

north wall of dining room - before
and after the end of day two:
north wall of dining room - end of day 2

this was looking north from the living room at the end of day one:

living room - after day 1

and at the end of day two:

end of day 2

the kitchen at the end of day one:
kitchen at end of day one

kitchen at end of day two:
kitchen at end of day two

the hallway looking towards the living room at the end of day one and then day two:

hallway towards living room - end of day 1hallway towards living room, end of day 2


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  1. June 12, 2009

    Holy changes, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. June 13, 2009

    Hi there. I had no idea how to answer your question about the plywood flooring on the main page so thought I would type you on your blog. We have that in our house, I did not want to tear it up due to cost of refinishing the oak underneath (we have other projects that need to occur before any ‘glam’ work) It is smooth and we just painted it. Looks okay, especially with new floor molding, but still not ideal. But I am REALLY picky.
    I can send you a pic if you want to see it. The wood seams are what bugs me. And this plywood is lovely — has absolutely no knots in it. We have a 1904 farmhouse, it was under the carpets we tore out.

  3. June 13, 2009

    please send a picture! and tell me more about the wood seams – bumpy? uneven?

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