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this is not what it looks like…

June 4, 2009

zora naki

male hardy kiwi

Now,from this picture, you might think, ‘hey, look at that thriving male kiwi vine!’ and, if you’d been following the blog, you would know of my trials and tribulations with the kiwi vines, and you might jump to the obvious conclusion that my vine was doing great.

sadly no.

it grew some brave leaves earlier in the spring and then withered and died. the picture above is his replacement, a kiwi gigolo named Pavel.

female kiwi

one of my female vines is happy about Pavel’s arrival.

herb garden june 1, 2009

the herb garden continues to put the rest of my plants to shame. i’ve even managed to keep basil alive for a month. It’s the tiny little plant on the left. All the big stuff is perennial (oregano, thyme, lemon balm, fennel, chives, etc.) The snow killed the rosemary, so there is a replacement buried back in there.

baby plums

plums are growing on the grafted plum tree.

baby apples

did you know that baby apples are fuzzy?

green blueberries

they look green, but these are blueberries underway…

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