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the end is nigh

May 29, 2009

zora naki

or at least, the end of our stay in our pre-renovated house. it seems hard to believe that we moved in 4 years ago (almost to the day). since then, we’ve added a kid and many many piles of miscellaneous crap. now i get to move it all out and start again (and i’m secretly looking forward to it).

we’re moving on tuesday. that would be in three days. i think i’m about halfway packed. we have to move for the reno since they will be taking the roof off of our house.

i had a hard time finding a place that would accommodate us. apparently a family with 3 kids who want to rent for 6 months is only slightly more desireable as tenants than a grow-op. i tried telling landlords that we are in a 2-bedroom now (seriously), but nobody would believe me. it would have been even worse if we smoked or had animals (good thing i put off buying the chickens!). anyways, i did find a place with a lovely landlord that’s still near ‘the drive’ , so i’m happy.

the front yard will serve as the landing zone for construction materials, so i’ve been busy digging up miscellaneous bushes for the 2nd or 3rd time (i’ve lost track) and relocating them to the backyard. yesterday, i put my child labour force into action (my three plus two drafted from the block), since they are all big fans of mud and digging. sam (from across the street) came over to work with the dedication of all great endeavours. when my eldest came home from school, sam announced, “i’m not here to play. i’m here to dig.” and he did. now my front lawn (not really a lawn, more an expanse of dandelions) is pockmarked with giant holes. and i’m happy about it.

our plans have been approved by the board of variance, i have a contractor (who went to vegas last weekend, but thankfully didn’t hit the jackpot and returned to vancouver), but we’re still waiting on the building permit. i was hoping that if we moved out on tuesday, the work would start on wednesday, but i may be stymied by the grinding wheels of bureaucracy, which, i was assured, were grinding rather quickly since the recession and all meant that work slowed down (and permit-granting speeded up), but the architect may have been wrong, which could explain why he is no longer answering my calls (i suspect call i.d. is working against me) and is instead sending soothing emails.

i refuse to be soothed.

i am also comma-happy and run-on-sentence-inclined. perhaps i should go back to packing.

a demain!

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  1. ourfriendben #
    May 30, 2009

    Congratulations Zora! Please keep us posted on progress as the renovations move forward!

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