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tomato time

March 29, 2009

zora naki

tomato sprouts

ergo sprouts. second time for starting tomatoes from seed (my first efforts last spring were fruitless). killed off half of the early emergers with a preemptive exposure to the great outdoors on a sunny/windy day last week. i seem to operate on the ‘survival of the fittest’ principle of gardening. why bother babying them along with cushy heating mats and fans to prevent spindliness when i can just throw them out on the picnic table and leave them to the elements? only the best will live to be eaten. the cruel fate of a tomato.

it was still sad though – pulling out the ones that curled up and died. i actually find it harder to thin out perfectly good seedlings (after sowing the requisite 3 seeds per pot) that are just a wee bit smaller than their companions. we don’t get rid of short people, now do we? i’ve tried transplanting these runts to other locations in an effort to extend their lives to usefulness, but they usually don’t survive my clumsiness. perhaps should wait longer, until their little stalks are thicker than the width of a hair. too impatient. bad trait in a gardener.

this year, i’m trying to grow the following tomatoes (based on careful consideration and what was available on the West Coast Seeds rack):

  • sweet million cherry
  • big beef
  • red cherry
  • aunt molly’s ground cherry (little yellow fruit in a papery husk fall off the bush when they are ripe)
  • black krim – heirloom
  • amish paste – heirloom
  • super italian paste – heirloom
  • golden rave – baby yellow Roma
  • prudens purple – heirloom (supposed to be very early and BIG – up to 1 lb)
  • green zebra – i liked these in the taste taste i did last summer

haven’t seen seeds for sungold, but i will definitely snap up a bunch of these from the gardening store once they come in – they were my favourites last year.



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  1. M #
    March 30, 2009

    you’ve got to keep posting this stuff – living down the street, you are doing all of my research for me!

    just wait until i get to my kiwi frustrations 🙂

  2. March 30, 2009

    Hi, Very cool to find you here. I’m also doing a gardening blog.. It’s a journal of Sacred Gardening putting a garden together with my Cherokee teacher… come on by if you want:

    Here’s to happy, healthy productive plants!

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