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spring is here

March 28, 2009

zora naki

gardenia blooming

my little gardenia is blooming inside and the smell is intoxicating.

i’ve got spring fever and have been busy in the backyard once again – seeds have been started (with varying degrees of success), compost has been ferried back from the landfill ($5 for 150kg), and i’m experimenting with milk jugs as cloches for peas (alaska) and broccoli (romanesco) sprouts in the sunniest of my raised beds. We’re still getting frosty nights, but so far the peas are fine and about half the broccoli looks to be surviving. I also popped a row of shallots in there, while i was at it.

I’ve dug and amended two of the biggest raised beds back there (4’x10′) and trimmed back the raspberry canes. Last year’s potato harvest was spotty (32 baby, 25 big), in part because I was rather random about planting and then remembering where i’d put them. Also slow to get them into the ground. In my digging this week, i discovered another 18 potatoes lurking underground, as well as 4 more carrots. I’m not sure how much to plant to feed a family of 5 for at least part of the year, but i have grand plans for a new and improved potato patch filled with Russian blue and Yukon Gold.

My lovely in-laws visited last week and we puttered. Eggs were pickled, but now we have to wait until April 7th to start eating them. I hate waiting. Holes in the plaster walls were patched, inspiring me to repaint the hallway. Boring stuff, but a general upswing of activity after a dreary winter. Everything (including the offspring) is growing. Here’s one for the grandparents. They look so sweet when they’re sleeping…



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  1. ourfriendben #
    March 28, 2009

    Awwww!!! What a sweetie! And your garden’s really going great guns. Congrats!!!

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