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hello worm, my old friend

February 21, 2009

zora naki


the picture is really an impression of a worm, who turned out to be a more difficult portrait subject than you would imagine. started raking last fall’s leaves off the flower beds and uncovered bunches of the little wigglers.

planting tulips

the minions were enthusiastic about the digging and (belated) planting of some tulip bulbs i had lying around from last fall. we had a chat about how starving dutch people ate their tulip bulbs during the war, and (of course), a few minutes later i caught middle child & friend about to chow down on some unsuspecting Triumph bulbs. crisis averted with a snack (eaten outdoors! in the sunshine!).

overwintered carrot

Dug up my experimental overwintered carrots and will eat them today in the name of science. i’m claiming that leaving them in the ground all winter was intentional and not an oversight.

on other fronts, the development permit application was filed with the city yesterday. they will send out notices to everyone within a block of us. the architect also advised giving my immediate neighbours a heads up, so i trotted around with plans in hand, but nobody was home. it felt a bit like sucking up. even if we get the permit, the board of variance can still turn us down, so i’m not getting my hopes too high. we’ll find out one way or another in about six weeks.

i’ve been thinking more about this milk jug/cloche thing, and i think i’ll plant some peas in the jugs and keep the jugs in the sunniest part of the garden to find out if the plastic is enough of an insulator to get the plants going. then transplant once they get too big for their quarts. will try and fit it in this morning, once the frost has burned off and i get through some of the laundry piling up around here. the afternoon will be taken up with karate (three out of five nakis wear gis). the adult class has done sparring for the last three weeks. i’ve acquired a lovely collection of bruises and gotten past some of my anxiety over punching other people (go me!), but i wouldn’t mind doing a nice kata or two for a change.

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