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spring is coming

February 20, 2009

zora naki

i have evidence.

spring tulip
spring tulip
it’s still frosty in the mornings, but i’m back to wandering around the yard with my pruners, randomly trimming. The wisteria needed a good hacking due to its napoleonic expansionist tendencies, so i was merciless. Most of the larger bushes made it through the snowy winter unscathed. it remains to be seen whether or not the banana plants and the windmill palms survived.

i’ve been saving up plastic milk jugs to use as cloches (for the garden, as opposed to headgear). i saw this idea on a blog somewhere, but have unfortunately lost the link. The idea is that you cut the milk jug into two pieces, about 3 inches from the bottom. Fill the bottom part with soil and start your seeds. Tape the top part back on to retain warmth and moisture, while still letting in light. when it’s warm enough, start moving your jugs outside to acclimatize the plants to the weather. Transplant the soil/plant from the bottom part into your garden, and use the top part as a cloche until the weather is nice enough to harden the plant off. i’ll think i’ll start some peas today.

i also (for the first time) bought a plant starter kit – i think it’s a jiffy pot, although i could be confusing this with popcorn. It comes equipped with 72 little peat plugs to start your seeds in, so the sunny section of the kitchen counter will be dedicated to this.

The fruit trees are budding like crazy, and it looks like most of the strawberry plants in the raised bed have survived. I tidied up the remnants of last year’s herb garden to find that my oregano, thyme, mints, and lemon balm have already sent up a whole new crop of leaves. It looks like some of the chamomile is still growing as well (is it a perennial? i didn’t think so).

The seed catalogues are festooned with stickies and possibilities. i wonder if i could grow melons this year? and is it true that you have to plant melons out of sight of squashes or terrible interbreeding will result?



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  1. February 20, 2009

    Too funny I bought one of those seed starting trays this week too! Yep they are by Jiffy 🙂 Guess we need to get busy huh?
    i keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow…

  2. February 20, 2009

    I want flowers! I’ll have to be content with buds on my bushes. 🙂
    i hear you. i want giant tropical plants that thrive year-round, but i live in canada…

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