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design object: orb fireplace

August 18, 2008

zora naki

Designed by Doug Garofalo, the FireOrb hangs suspended from the ceiling. Groovy, non?

I like the unexpected curviness of this fireplace – it challenges the staid square fireplace-with-a-marble-mantle-centered-on-the-wall expectation. You can sweep under it! It rotates in a circle – a full 360°! I suspect that cleaning it out might be a bit messy (could you dustbust the ashes?), and I wonder if the outside gets hot to touch (bad with kids and pets), but i still want one. It comes in black ($5800) and stainless steel ($6900) versions.


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  1. ourfriendben #
    August 18, 2008

    Ooh, gorgeous! Now I want one, too…

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