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i went away and the garden survived

August 5, 2008

zora naki

i’ll admit, i was nervous about going on vacation. would i come back only to find shriveled remnants of my formerly thriving vegetable jungle? as we got closer and closer to home, i could feel that pit of dread opening up in my stomach. the car stopped and we burst out the doors and ran to the backyard (i could see that the house was still standing, which is all i needed to know about that).

yay! garden still growing! things still green and ripening! witness:

cherry tomatoes galore.

i have overcome my squash curse, and managed to nurture a few (in my absence) past the size of a plum. maybe i should go away more often?

purple beans growing like crazy (they turn green when you cook them). i think this may be the year of the purple vegetable.

i didn’t know this before i grew them, but brussel sprouts grow off the stem, just above the leaf junction. at the rate they are growing, i will have bushels of these.

not yet the size of a baseball bat, but due to be picked.

and finally, the pretty. i grew lobelia from seed!

now, i’m off to water my poor neglected jungle, and maybe do a spot of weeding…

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  1. August 10, 2008

    beautiful garden you have zora

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