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summer daze

July 2, 2008

zora naki

you know how, when it’s really hot and you spend most of the day outside puttering around, moving in slow motion from sun to shade to sun, wading through heat like you’re underwater? i feel like we’ve been waiting forEVER for summer to get here and as soon as it does, my brain goes on vacation. my metaphors atrophy. my attention span shrinks.

random thoughts:

In the spirit of decluttering, Dave Bruno is whittling his possessions down to 100 items.

the hardy banana (musa basjoo) is one of my favourite plants and i’ve planted five of them in a row in the backyard. i have great hopes of them making it through the winter. The picture above is a little misleading as this plant is only about 5 feet tall, but one of my kids took it, looking up from the lower patio.

i have a fondness for reading about endurance experiments that other people inflict upon themselves. Like these people who decided to spend 1000 days at sea in a homemade boat. i’m a nosy parker, and i always want to know more than they tell us. Why would a 25-year-old novice sailor would sign on for something like this with an obsessed 56-year-old adventurer? Why did she really leave after 306 days? Extreme seasickness was the official explanation, but don’t you think she would have thrown in the towel a little earlier if that was the case?

the kids played in the wading pool for most of yesterday and turned it into a mud pit by dinnertime. They were absolutely caked from head to toe. Please note – my daughter does not have naturally occurring freckles.

Papyrus is a plant that i have been noticing in a lot of design magazines lately. It’s beautifully architectural with striking stems and fluffy tops. It grows in water – I wonder if I could keep it in a pot?

We’ve hired an architect and he’s coming next week to measure up the house for the reno plans. I’m cautiously optimistic that our stairwell issues will be resolved. It boils down to three options: sacrifice a room for a stairwell (i don’t think so), shrink our dining room by half (possible?), or keep them where they are in the kitchen (i want the space back for more cupboards).

The littlest person in our household is about to enter the terrible twos and he’s getting a jumpstart on the toddler rage that seems to go along with it. Every little indignity is met with howling fury that returns to dimpled sweetness in an instant (when he gets his way or is successfully distracted). This is very trying for his poor mama.

It was Canada Day yesterday (happy 141st!) and we had a bbq dinner in celebration: salmon, mushrooms (white and portobello mushrooms bbq’ed with onions, olive oil, coarse salt and rosemary, thyme, and oregano from the garden – yum…), corn-on-the-cob, garden peas, and strawberries.

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