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cauliflower really can be purple

June 20, 2008

zora naki

i’ll admit to being a skeptic. i really thought that the little picture on the stick that came with the seedling had been seriously doctored in Photoshop to enhance the purpleosity of the documented cauliflower. i planted a bunch of these guys back in april and i’ve been waiting and waiting for something to show up. so far, we’ve had lots of leaves (note to self: cauliflower takes longer than broccoli). but i peeked this evening, and this is what i saw:

it really is purple. some of the other ones are even more purple! and they’re all about the size of a really small plum at the moment.

as it turns out, broccoli does grow in heads (even ones grown by me), but some random broccolis (broccolae?) prefer to send out shoots. i don’t know why this is.

the first ripe raspberry on the bush.

the blueberries are coming along – this is a second year bush – the two first year bushes that i planted earlier this spring have only formed a few berries each.

and finally, once you’re done with your blogging, check out typeracer for your chance to triumph in a typing throwdown. good times.


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  1. mostlyiwillbegrowing #
    June 21, 2008

    Hi your purple cauliflower looks great, it must brighten up the plot or garden. The first sign of something new showing is a great feeling.

    By the way I have tagged you on my blog, if you wish to join in great, if not no worries. Thanks Tracey

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