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design object: armchair

May 3, 2008

zora naki

there is something about this elegant chair that sends me to a good place. it is gorgeous, dynamic, curvy, sinuous, wasp-waisted.

designed by norman cherner in 1958, the chair has been reissued by his sons and is sold here for around $1000.

i think the only problem with owning it (apart from the cost), would be that i would want to sit across from it and visit, and if anyone tried to actually use it, i would need to shoo them away. i suppose you could mount it to the wall and call it art…

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  1. andrez #
    May 5, 2008

    I love plywood furniture. The chair is bold – slightly overstated and a little pained. Reminds me of an overzealous corset. If you must visit with a chair I’m sure this object would make a fine companion. The true test would be a little lounge time with a cheap glass of wine.

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