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how to lose 298 pounds in 2 days

April 5, 2008

zora naki

otherwise known as spring cleaning.  In the last two days, i’ve cleaned out some longstanding basement crap.  Recycled, donated, and dumped items:

  • 3 bags of bottles and cans returned for deposit ($20.05)
  • 184 lbs of items donated to Salvation Army (clothes, lamps, etc.)
  • 154 lbs taken to the dump (including a perfectly usable crib that i couldn’t get rid of for love or money)
  • Microwave, TV, VCR, gas mower, computer monitor, printer, phones, modems and cables in various states of disrepair taken to city-approved depot

I also had a small gain of 40 lbs of 6 lovely outdoor wicker/metal chairs that a local restaurant was giving away as they had just replaced their patio furniture.   Who can’t use more seating for bbq season?

my (measly) goal for 2008 was to get rid of 100 lbs of clutter, so i smacked that one out of the park.  (this also speaks to my poor weight estimating abilities – i need to revise my internal crap-o-meter).  I hereby revise my goal to 500 lbs of clutter-clearing for 2008!

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