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another box planted

March 13, 2008

zora naki

the fruits of a half day’s labour
the empty 5′ x 10′ box has been dug and filled with peat moss, compost, garden soil, sea soil, and sand (this necessitated yet another trip to the garden store today where i shoveled garden soil into 10 black plastic bags and powerlifted them into the back of the vehicle with the encouragement of my miniminions). it has been planted with one of my frankenfruit pear trees (4 varieties), a strawberry rhubarb and 70 strawberry plants of various descriptions. i’m sure it will be gorgeous in a few months.

on other fronts, another box has been built in the back garden, but not planted, a third box has been constructed but not anchored and the pieces of a fourth box have been purchased but not constructed.  the peas are sprouting and the spinach and radishes have poked above ground – even some of the radishes planted back in january now have a few true leaves forming.

tulips are above ground, although sadly they keep getting trampled with little feet run amok and one of the camellia trees has three beautiful blooms on it already.  i must take photos of it tomorrow.  i also transplanted two existing blueberry bushes and planted two newly purchased ones into a mini blueberry grove.  i’m thinking of transplating a purple smokebush to the front yard and planting the plum tree in its place.  spring is busy and dirty and exhausting and i love it.

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