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planting is afoot

February 27, 2008

zora naki

in spite of the rainy drizzle that plagued us, another square foot box (4’x10′) was built and installed and planted in the garden over the last few days.





A number of people have recommended Lasagna Gardening, so I tried to apply some of Patricia Lanza’s principles to building my soil. The garden has been fed with compost and seasoil over the last few years, so I didn’t want to chuck it and start from scratch. I dug down about 6 inches and did layers of leaves (from last year), half-digested compost (i want to move the bin and it composted very slowly this winter, so I figure 8 inches of soil will finish the job), garden soil, peat moss (and let me tell you, that bag weighs a ton), seasoil, mushroom manure, and sprinkles of bonemeal.

I am also going to add some wood ash to the top, because I’ve planted peas and apparently, they really like the stuff. My mini-minions and I planted peas (Alderman, Oregon Trail and Karina), spinach and a few radishes (Easter egg). The raspberries have been pruned back (in the far right corner of the box).

Also got the first of the frankenfruit trees planted – the espalier apple along the fence. It wouldn’t be my preferred method, but I ended up digging twice (or was it thrice?) and planting once, because what’s the point of an espalier tree if it’s 3 feet away from its supports?

Also had a bit of finagling to do with the planting depth – dug a honking big hole and then had trouble getting the tree to the right level above the soil. Hopefully it will survive the drama. Threw lots of seasoil with some bonemeal at it to cushion the transition.

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