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a primer on green roofs: part three

February 2, 2008

zora naki

The Basics:

1. Get your roof evaluated by a structural engineer or someone experienced in the installation of green roofs. You want to know at least three things: Can my roof bear the load of the planting containers? Is the pitch of my roof too steep? how will the existing heating/electrical/water systems be affected?

2. Decide on the kind of roof (intensive/extensive) you want to install – this will determine everything from your maintenance requirements to what kind of plants you can grow.

3. Decide on whether you want to try and install it yourself or find a local company experienced in doing it. Are you going to build it from components or are you going to use pre-planted modules? If I were handier – and owned a garage – I would use it or a shed as a trial run. A working roof is kind of important…

4. Share the information – blog about it, post to cityfarmer or similar venues – and encourage others to follow suit. One roof at a time can make a big difference. See some case studies here and here.

How to Get Funding:
(some links are out of date, but still a helpful starting point)


BCIT: The Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology (Vancouver, BC – Canada)
Light House: Sustainable Building Centre (Vancouver, BC – Canada)
The Rooftop Garden Project (Montreal, Quebec – Canada)
Tips for Building on a Sloped Roof
Green Roofs: an industry resource portal
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (infrastructure industry association)

Read part one: the benefits of green roofs.
Read part two: types of green roofs.If you have links or suggestions for content to add to this post, please comment below…

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