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the before pictures: front yard

January 15, 2008

zora naki

When we first moved in, the front yard had some typical foundation plantings – rhodos, azaleas – little bushes around the perimeter, and straggly bumpy grass

Front yard: 2005Front yard - 2005

After redoing our drain tiles and totally ripping the lawn to shreds, the bushes were replanted diagonally across the front. It looks like crap – I don’t recommend this at all. The little bushes have been moved around and the grass is in worse shape than ever. I reseeded it last fall to try to prevent some of the rainwater runoff onto the sidewalk.

I did use the last half of the summer to grow potatoes and swiss chard under the front window, which worked out nicely.

Front yard: 2007Front yard - 2007

Plans are afoot! I’m getting some input from a landscape designer on how to restructure the front yard with permanent plantings and beds to grow things in, as well as looking through books and websites to get some neat ideas. I’d like to add at least one fruit tree to the front – it is south-facing, although somewhat shaded by a large maple tree on the boulevard. We will need to rip up sod, rototill, bring in new topsoil, etc. before even planting anything. I can’t wait!

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