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first trip to the garden store for 2008

January 12, 2008

zora naki

Actually, it was first to the big box hardware store, and then the gardening store, both with my 4-year-old and toddler in tow. In my effort to implement square-foot gardening, I want to build boxes and vertical supports for my existing garden plot in the backyard. The nice man in the hardware store very patiently explained to me that I needed to measure my garden plot first and then come in with drawings and a plan before they could cut everything to fit. I knew that – really I did.

The hardware store and its contents are so foreign to me that I like to browse the aisles just to familiarize myself with things, before I work my way up to actually buying anything. This is, of course, limited by the patience of my children. While we were cruising past the electrical conduit, my daughter informed me that she wished she was a suitcase. Apparently, the luggage carousel at the airport over Christmas made a big impact on her. I love how her mind works.

RadishesSo, we left and headed off to the big gardening store. This time, I did know what I wanted – seeds that could be started now (either indoors or out) and some potting soil. Little did I know that mid-January is possibly the worst time to shop at a gardening store. It was mostly Christmas clear-out and sad little remnants of stock. I was told that the store would be totally different in a few weeks, but I had that urge – you know the one – where you absolutely do not want to leave the store without some seeds to grow in your hot little hands. The best options (from what they had on the shelf) for starting early here on the West Coast seemed to be lettuce, beets, radishes and spinach outdoors, and sweet peas, pickling cucumbers and peas inside. So that’s what we got – along with my munchkin’s picks: pumpkin, sunflower and cress funseeds.

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