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companion planting

January 12, 2008

zora naki

In planning my vegetable layout, I’m trying to keep track of which vegetables/plants go well together. Here are some of my notes from reading:

tomatoes and cabbage: tomatoes repel diamondback moth larvae
radishes and spinach: radishes attract leafminers away from the spinach
cabbage, broccoli or brussel sprouts with dill: dill attracts wasps which control cabbage worms, etc.
cauliflower and dwarf zinnias: zinnias attract ladybugs and the like to protect the cauliflower from pests
corn and beans: beans attract good bugs that eat the bad bugs on corn
chives and roses: chives keep aphids away

The above info comes from the Summer 2006 issue of Gardening Life.

I’ve also read that interplanting with marigolds is supposed to act as a general deterrent bugs, and it seemed to work fairly well in the garden last year, next to the lettuce. Sacrificial basil near another plant or peppermint to repel bugs with scent are other techniques that I haven’t tried yet.

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