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book review: the omnivore’s dilemma

January 10, 2008

zora naki

the omnivore’s dilemma by michael pollan

The Omnivore’s DilemmaEveryone interested in food should read this book. I loved it and it changed my thinking about how we as a family and a species should eat.

Michael Pollan is a journalist and contributing writer to the New York Times magazine. His prose is elegant and informed and reflects his wide-ranging interests and eclectic depth of knowledge about food.

The book starts off a bit slowly, but as you track his exploration into the origins of four meals – McDonald’s fast food, Organic Big Food (purchased at Whole Foods), Organic Small Food (from a self-sustaining organic farm), and Self-Produced (hunted, gathered and grown by the author) – you get seriously caught up in the evils of monoculture agriculture (corn bad!), the bliss of cow manure (yay fertilizer!) and the nail-biting tension of mushroom hunting (seriously). I literally could not put the book down over the Christmas holidays, and believe me, there were plenty of other demands for my attention.

For more information, visit Michael Pollan’s website.

This book is rated E for Excellent- who knew reading about corn could be so suspenseful?
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