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the bread machine is my friend

January 9, 2008

zora naki

I got a great gift for Christmas this year that i always wanted – a bread maker. Not a roly-poly little guy with a white chef’s hat, liberally dusted in flour, but the electric version.

Actually, first i was given a very fancy coffee machine that did espresso and everything else, but since i’m off the coffee now (and believe me when i tell you that there were 3 days of sheer hell involved in breaking that habit), I was granted dispensation to trade it in for a shiny new bread machine.

cuisinart breadmakerI’m like a magpie – i gravitate to the shiny, which is why i ended up with this lovely stainless steel version by Cuisinart. Since we usually pay around $2.50/loaf, and ingredients probably cost around $0.50/loaf, I need to bake approximately 80 loaves to start realizing a net savings.

2008 loaf count to date: 4

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  1. October 12, 2008


    Yoghurt maker next?
    Same sort of savings and a much cheaper machine.

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